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Protective Diet’s Pit Paste will exceed natural deodorant performance expectations and thrill you with savings. This easy-blend DIY paste will keep you shower fresh around the clock. I hope you feel as betterment-savvy as I do with every application. Protective Diet protects humans, animals and our planet from harmful chemicals and hidden toxic artificial fragrances with the guidance of PD Lifestyle recipes.

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Comments (6)

  1. posted by jcmap on December 6, 2019

    I love the pit paste. I have used it for around 6 months and it works great for me. I had a hard time finding a deodorant that was safe but also effective. Julie’s pit paste works awesome! Thanks!!

  2. posted by Michael A Myers on November 17, 2019

    Things kept getting in the way, but I’ve finally made my first batch of pit paste and hope I never look back! I love knowing that there aren’t any harmful ingredients in it, since what we put in the pit area is said to be so closely related to our breast health.

  3. posted by Janice Price on June 19, 2019

    Super easy to make…no pots, pans, or blenders…just comes right together in a mixing bowl! The smell is so fresh and lovely, and it goes on silky smooth and keeps you feeling fresh all day!

  4. posted by Marie Cayuela on June 18, 2019

    I’ll never use another deodorant again! Thanks Julie Marie

  5. posted by angela sorrentino on June 18, 2019

    I can’t wait to try this!

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