Plant-Based Cottage Cheeze Premium PD Recipe

This low-fat, plant-based cottage cheese remake will satisfy small or large cheese curd preferences and fool our tastebuds with a creamy, full-fat texture. Unlike the original disease promoting dairy version, this plant-based version is made from protective angiogenesis inhibiting organic beans and nothing else. This recipe can’t be beat and is delicious served both as salty and savory or fruity and sweet. In the 1950’s, watching your waistline became fashionable and restaurants, including ice cream parlors, donut shops, and diners featured the “diet plate” showcasing a scoop of cottage cheese with a burger patty, a slice of tomato, and a peach half. In the 80’s, sizable main dish salads eliminated the institutional “diet plate.” World Obesity Day was named in 2022 to raise awareness that obesity is a disease that impacts most body systems and is a risk factor for suffering and premature death due to inflammation. With the global rise of obesity and the struggle to shed excess body fat, caused by stressful pandemic news-noshing and isolation inactivity, the diet trend of cottage cheese now made a comeback. The “diet plate” of the 50’s was regarded as effective because everyone was much slimmer back then—few know it wasn’t the animal protein or cottage cheese that kept them slim. Being slim in the 1950’s through the 90’s was not health-focused, it was toxic. Slim women relied on caffeine and nicotine instead of protective nourishment. Coffee breaks kept everyone wired and cigarettes offered a euphoric feeling that kept us puffing instead of snacking. The 90’s introduced us to sugary cakes camouflaged as breakfast muffins and coffee became whipped cream topped, vanilla syrup pumped, high calorie sippy cups for adults. We lost food satisfaction when we stopped chewing and began drinking blended 32-ounce fruit milkshakes called smoothies. Chips and candy vending machines surrounded us at school, work, and play. Diet campaigns bombarded us with the idea that the key to dietary success was to stay full and not allow ourselves to get too hungry. Tubs of creamy frozen high-fat sugary swirled yogurt became the slim-down craze of fiberless caloric consumption. Today mobile apps support and maintain obesity, immobilizing people who outsource every meal, by delivering highly processed, high-fat, low-fiber, chemically enhanced meals and groceries directly to one’s car or home. Cottage cheese has recently made a trending comeback and is being marketed in recipe videos by nutritionists as a high protein weight loss solution. In the early 80’s, the emperor of China, before dying from cancer, made possible the most comprehensive nutritional study which confirmed that the introduction of casein (dairy protein) caused cancer in his country. When added to the diet it grows cancer and turns growth off when removed. The China Study discoveries were confirmed by T. Colin Campbell in laboratories. Cancer was accelerated with casein and turned off with a dairy and animal protein-free, whole foods, plant-based diet. In studies of angiogenesis inhibiting ingredients, and my successful brain cancer experience, we know how to cut off the blood supply to tumors by eating and living protectively. Still, almost all hospitals, most universities, and the dairy and fitness industries ignore this and continue to promote toxic cancer-fertilizing foods as a weight loss solution. This recipe is one of over seven hundred protective solutions to the risky consumption of cancer-accelerating animal protein. See serving suggestions for our favorite ways to enjoy Plant-Based Cottage Cheeze, and please share yours in the comments below the recipe.

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  1. This is mind blowingly simple to make and lick the spoon good! It is so good with fruit, in the summer cottage salad, or in a sandwich made with toasted bread, a thick slice of heirloom summer tomato and salt and pepper.

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