Plant-Based Gumbo Premium PD Recipe

This recipe was created to keep exciting Southern food alive, along with all of the people in the world. I am transitioning global food history into nostalgic sustainable health-promoting cuisine with Protective Diet recipes. Protective Diet gumbo is layered with flavor and protective ingredients, turning our Workplace for Wellness into a plant-based Creole kitchen. When I visit Louisiana I will rent an apartment, shop in local markets for Cajun and Creole ingredients, experience the real South, and connect with its people. I will prepare this dish, celebrating the flavors of the South and my ability to enjoy healthy living as a tourist while experiencing a real taste of the town. Until then, I will transport my family and friends to the deep South with this recipe at my healthy table in Southern California.

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  1. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! I am shocked at how much both my husband and I enjoyed this recipe as I was not an okra fan, but this dish is delicious! The flavors were perfect and the aroma while cooking really gets your mouth watering. My husband wandered into the kitchen while the gumbo was cooking on the stovetop to ask what smelled so good! He requested I add this recipe to ‘tried and true’ list.

  2. OKRA CONVERT!!! I have disliked Okra for most of my life. I liked it as a child (my mom must have made it well) but hated it later on. I thought it was gross and slimy. But this… THIS recipe is DELICIOUS!! In fact, I couldn’t stop eating it!! The okra is tender yet crunchy, and the flavors are out of this world! Brava, Julie Marie for another winner… delicious, filling, and turned my head back to okra!

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