Probiotic Pepper Rings Premium PD Recipe

Having a jar of these fermented flavor-boosters makes my mouth water in anticipation of garnishing my next deliciously protective meal. Naturally preserving with fermentation improves flavor and nutritional bioavailability. Fermented peppers are shown to be cancer protective, anti-aging, improve cognitive health and promote cellular recycling known as autophagy. I have simplified fermenting, making it a fun and rewarding addition to our workplace for wellness routine with a Protective Diet. After I tried fermented jalapenos, I shouted: “this is exactly what I needed!” These have an umami flavor far superior to the vinegar brine of Pickled Pepper Rings. Lacto fermentation of vegetables turns water into a deliciously tangy protective probiotic brine. This recipe will have you using fermented jalapenos and their naturally pickled juice on and in every recipe that calls for a jalapeno. Top Loaded Nachos, add them to a Zesty Noodle bowl, use the protective spicy brine to dress Black Bean and Corn Summer Salad or Pico de Gallo or add excitement to any of the oil-free vinegarettes. Follow the directions to ferment one jar sliced for topping salads and to add to anything that calls for diced or sliced hot peppers, and a jar of halved jalapenos to make Protective Diet’s healing hot sauce recipe. Both will stay fresh forever in your refrigerator if you can pace yourself to keep them around. Fermented Jalapenos make the most generous homemade gifts for friends who love exciting spicy food. Jerry dishes them out as if they are gold. He shows them such appreciation because he thinks they are labor intensive. I’m not going to tell him that all they are is a fun crafty kitchen waiting game. I adore the color filled jars of fermenting probiotic protection that decorate my counter. My method that I call a young ferment, or a fresh fermentation, utilizes the oldest method of seasonal food preservation with shortcuts to produce fast, flavorful pint and a half batches, improving freshness you will be enjoying within a week.


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