Fruit Shrub Vinaigrette Premium PD Recipe

This recipe utilizes the vinegar preserved fruit from the Sugar-Free Shrub mocktail. I included an option to make it without the prerequisite shrub recipe if you want to jump ahead and toss your greens with it tonight. This dressing recipe aims to increase your variety of raw fruit and veggie consumption on a Protective Diet. With The Microbiome Population Project and PD recipes we are building a supportive biome community that offers a steady flow of neurotransmitter rewards to keep us joyfully on track. Seasonally dressed salads pop with colorful polyphenol protection. Our protective microbes thrive when served a variety of colorful plant fibers. When we support them they encourage us with rewarding euphoric feelings. Our goal is to collect, populate, build, and protect a resident biome of healthy plant-based cheerleaders and coaches directing our food and lifestyle choices. We can either host trillions of health coaches or trillions of junk food junkies influencing our every move. Follow my lead, and I will help you clean house and build a population that protects and rewards you. Detox, collect, populate, protect, and heal with The microbiome Population Project and Protective Diet recipes.

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