Smoke House Potato Salad Premium PD Recipe

No bones about it, this creamy plant-based potato salad is going to become a backyard BBQ favorite. Potatoes, warm or cold, red or gold, paired with summer sweet smoked green onions and dressed with an abundance of whipped oil-free garlic- and herb-kissed mayo to balance the protective capsaicin from the hidden jalapeno surprise.

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  1. I had to jump on here and say how good this is! I’ve never been a potato salad fan because I hate mayo and hate mustard. Blech! I was hesitant to make this because I figured I wouldn’t like it, but Julie asked me if I liked the French Onion Dip recipe and I told her it was one of my absolute favorites. She told me I’d probably like this, then. So, I decided to give it a try and am SO glad I did! I added the optional ingredients and this was so good! It was creamy with little crunchy bits and smoky and had little zips of heat here and there from the peppers. I’m so glad I tried this and I can’t wait to bring it to my next potluck! Thanks for convincing me to give it a shot, Julie! This is going to be a regular summer dish in the Harvatin house!

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