Sneaky Greens Ultimate Mac & Cheeze Premium PD Recipe

Even when aware of the protective healing power of greens and cruciferous vegetables, some just can’t seem to palate them. When covered in Protective Diet super creamy Ultimate Cheeze Sauce and hidden between bites of your favorite whole gain pasta, they go unnoticed. Greens provide your body with the tools to produce nitric oxide for faster muscle recovery post workouts, while power housing endothelial function and reducing the risk of a devastating coronary event. Sneaky Greens offer an infusion of Sulforaphane protection to flow though your body while attacking cancer stem cells. All nutritional science aside, most enjoy this satisfying one-pot family-friendly recipe based on taste alone.

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  1. A weekly staple in my home! So easy to have a hot, gooey, tasty pasta dish with my greens mixed right in. Shell shaped pasta is my personal favorite with this sauce. Couldn’t get any easier.

  2. Using the Ultimate cheese sauce, brown rice macaroni, spinach, Chorizo crumble and sliced tomato, all blended together, I made a restaurant quality meal. I could not believe how delicious it was. Note to others. Make sure you use fresh Nutritional Yeast as that makes a huge difference in the flavor of the UCS. will definitely be making over and over again.

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