Soft Batch Oatmeal Cookies Premium PD Recipe

The delicate pillowy soft texture of these Soft Batch Oatmeal Cookies hides the high-fiber, health-forward ingredients. I removed the sugar and fat from my mama’s cookies and packed them full of fiber and polyphenol protection to move things along. These daily dunk-ables are protectively packed with disease-inhibiting, whole food derived B-glucan, soluble and insoluble fiber, plant protein, essential amino acids, and cancer-inhibiting polyphenols. That’s what I expect from a protective cookie—naturally included in Protective Diet recipes. Raw organic cacao bean nibs help us produce neuroprotective nitric oxide offering a pleasing nut-like texture. Enjoy reading the studies in the Pro Tips below that note how cardio-protective cacao reduces the hunger hormone ghrelin and promotes our intestinal microbiota. These cookies will warm winter kitchens and cut baking costs by eliminating health-hitting, high-cost ingredients like oil, butter, eggs, nuts, and raisins. Get started by popping a box of protective organic soy milk into the fridge. Cold milk is essential for the ultimate experience of dunking the best sugar-free, fat-free, whole grain, high-fiber, plant-based oatmeal cookies in the world. The Old-Fashioned Toasted Oat Cookies and Soft Batch Oat Cookie variations will offer unique texture options to please the healthiest cookie monsters worldwide. With these recipes I have eliminated common fat-free rubber cookie challenges. The cooling step, shaping, and select plant-based ingredients create an irresistible light and fluffy texture. Finely diced banana peels baked as suggested offer fiber with the texture of raisins without the negative impact of concentrated sugar. Healthy gut microbes survive exclusively on plant fiber and polyphenols. Microbes ferment and digest fiber to produce short-chain fatty acids. Short-chain fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and tighten our epithelium (gut wall). A tight epithelial wall protects us from inflammation, disease, viral and bacterial infections. It also prevents food particles from entering the blood causing an inflammatory response commonly labeled as a food allergy. Over and over again we see members on a 100% Protective Diet eliminate gluten and other food allergies after their 30-Day Detox and Taste Bud Reprogramming is completed. Their newly developed protective gut microbial population is fed a variety of daily plant fiber with Protective Diet recipes to continue to produce healing anti-inflammatory short-chain fatty acids everyday. This dietary practice heals and repairs our epithelium protecting us from physical illness and suffering. Make and eat PD recipes every day and the rest will be managed by our trillions of protective resident microbes. Microbes control our life experience, health, mood, cravings, energy, metabolism, fitness, and appearance. With Protective Diet Education I show exactly how to manipulate our microbes to improve our lives with health independence by becoming the boss of our bodies. I was blessed with a team of dedicated local taste testers this winter. They tasted one cookie after another, day after day to help me create these three cookie recipes for the Protective Diet Community and The Microbiome Population Project. Now that they are perfect and the cookie recipes are complete my friends are missing their daily high-fiber plant-based treats. Our health-promoting, immune-boosting cookies have introduced more friends to a Protective Diet. Every day we passively influence by sharing the protective treats and beverages that give us our healthy glow and high energy. We are walking billboards of health fueled by plants camouflaged as cookies. Eat well, share, and shine bright. You deserve props for being the healthiest person in your family and neighborhood. Everyone needs an inspirational friend who is the boss of their body and excited to share their testimony of optimal health and the benefits of a Protective Diet.


  1. These cookies are so delicious and easy to make! I love them with a hot latte in the winter and a cold glass of soy milk in warmer weather. They don’t look or taste like anything other than a yummy cookie!

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