Tikka Masala Premium PD Recipe

Tikka means small pieces, usually chicken or vegetables, and is connected with Indian cuisine from Punjab, in the north of India. Masala is a uniquely flavored tomato based simmer sauce layered with many variations of protective free-radical fighting spices, often including fresh ginger, spicy chilies, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, cumin, black pepper, coriander and finished with yogurt or cream. Chicken Tikka Masala is served in restaurants around the world, is most popular in Britain, and was named its national dish in 2001. Protective Diet had to give this classic Indian dish a healthy oil- and dairy-free plant-based makeover, bringing the exotic flavors of India and traditions of Britain to your healthy PD Kitchen.


  1. I have seen this made over and over in the last couple years. I have never made it myself. Well, tonight I made it and it was a family hit! Apparently I am to put this on the rotating dinner menu.
    Because I have a pepper allergy, I made it with no pepper but wow, great flavor! I served it over rice, topped it with fresh cilantro, raita, and pomegranate seeds. It was easy to do and easier to eat. Yum!

  2. Later today, I’m planning to make Tikka Masala for the umpteenth time and I don’t know why I’ve never posted a review. It’s absolutely one of my favorites. I usually use the garbanzo bean version for speed and ease, instead of cutlets. And plenty of peppery spices. It’s sooo good. Update: this is a dish to serve skeptical guests, in my opinion, as the warm aroma will draw them in and the bold flavors will keep them!

  3. I made this with both chickpeas and cauliflower and opted for tomato puree to avoid using the blender….It was PERFECTION!!! This meal was approved by the hubby and kids, needless to say it is going to be in heavy rotation from here on out!!!

  4. Sitting here this morning and eating Tikka Masala, it happens to be the second time I have made this recipe. Let me tell you, if you like Indian food with a bit of spice, the Tikka Masala will definitely hit the spot. I had been making a version for about 4 years I have on my website, but it always seemed to be an involved recipe that took a bit longer than I liked. The result was wonderful, but this simple and quick PD version of the Great Britain favorite is wonderful!

    The first time around I followed the recipe and tossed the finished gravy into the blender to liquefy it. The flavor was good, but great the following day. That night for dinner I ate a few helping over the suggested, Indian Spice Rice. A very filling and tasty dish. The next time I made the recipe, I added chopped red pepper, thinly sliced onions but did not blend the mixture resulting in a bit of a chunkier sauce. Both ways are full of flavor and satisfying.

    The chickpeas are a nice addition, adding a bit of a “meaty” type texture without that chickpea taste. You don’t lose anything if you don’t have any. I would like to make the cutlet and let the sauce flow over the cutlet, bedded on a Indian Spice Rice. That’s one for next time. Thanks Julie two big thumbs up on the Tikka Masala!

  5. I made this tonight with chickpeas. I added cauliflower and blended with the sauce before I added the chickpeas. I would definitely add the cauliflower again, but not blend it in with the sauce. I would leave it to add more texture along with the chickpeas. Delicious but I wish my freezer wasn’t so full so I could freeze a couple of servings.

  6. Made it last night using cutlets and blended the sauce instead of leaving chunky. Very tasty & spicy. Leftovers for lunch today was awesome. Think I’ll make with chickpeas next time. Thanks for another great recipe!

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