Vegged-Up Cornbread Salad Premium PD Recipe

This Southern starch-based salad satisfies making us cheer, “let’s enjoy salad month all year!” I boosted the flavors and texture in this layered classic with fresh crunch and protective veggie balance. We are golden all summer long with cornbread under pressure keeping southern kitchens cool. If you are from Mississippi, Texas, or New Mexico you likely experienced the original at a potluck—usually named after the state you are in. On a Protective Diet we are in a veggie-state-of-mind, so I had to change Mississippi Corn Bread Salad to Vegged-Up Cornbread Salad. Let everyone know in the comments below if this salad was a taste of home to you. Classics like this warm my heart and transport me to long tabled potlucks in the deep south from the comfort of my very own back yard. Pack this one up for work in a jar or layer it big for your friends and family. Either way it will make your day a vegged-up success. Make a note on your calendar of achievements and be proud of all you do to make healthy living delicious, sustainable, and fun for everyone you love.

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  1. I had never heard of or tasted a cornbread salad before so I can’t compare it to the original, but this PD salad is delicious and so satisfying. I love the ranch dressing with the cornbread—yum! I am now so excited to have leftover cornbread! I cube it up and freeze it until I have enough for a salad!

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