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Fresh and beautiful describes these little bundles of salad that you can eat with your hands. They are the perfect vessel to top with Peanut-less Peanut Sauce, Sweet Garlic Chili Sauce, or Awesome Sauce. Don’t be intimidated by this recipe, they are raw and there is nothing to burn. My technique video makes wrapping up a platter of rolls super easy.

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  1. posted by Diane Richardson on January 17, 2016

    For the rice wrappers, the trick is only put one wrapper in the water at the time, I used my dinner plate, put the water in it, soak the rice wrapper in it for about 20 seconds, you’ll know when its ready it is all soft.
    Then put the wrapper on a cutting board with about an inch hanging off the edge of the board, That way you can grab it, to roll it up easier. Once they are rolled, don’t stack them on top of each other they are very sticky
    You can put anything in them, that makes they crunchy, YUM
    Dont let the wrappers scare you, these are easy once you do it

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