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Day Fast & Feast (Time Restricted Eating)

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Class #294 | 48-Hour Fast: Day One Support

Julie Marie September 10, 2021

Protective Diet Class #294 Notes:

48-Hour Fast: Day One Support

This class is Part Two of a 3-part Fasting Diet Support Series designed to sustain you at the 24-hour mark, with ideas for maximum productivity, activities for self-care through the dinner hour, strategies for common challenges, and expectations for the grand finale.



Day FastingPositive StressElectrolytesChef’s TreatsFood Satisfaction

Action Steps for the 24-Hour Mark

  • Mind Your Mindset
  • Think of this as a once-a-month renewal; a reboot or cleanse. Time it for right after your monthly cycle if you want.

– Fast from Triggers

– Fast from social media

– Fast from socializing/human contact—when you feel drained, retreat and have some alone time.

– Fast from work—if you are overworking, take a 24-hour break

– Fast from entertainment and stimulation—can you sit down and have dinner quietly without constantly watching TV?

– Fast to focus inward and upward—take a time out to be with yourself

  • Don’t talk about fasting with people who won’t support you.
  • Baby Your Busy Body
  • Fasting is a short-term diet for positive stress on the body. It ignites a cascade of powerful, protective cellular processes.
  • Low Energy—if you do not feel an energy buzz, nothing has gone wrong. If you nap, or go to bed early, consider it extra credit. You might feel sleepy mid-day when your body switches to burning fat for fuel. Do something energizing if you want.
  • Irritable or Physically Sensitive—due to hunger hormone signals. Breaking your fast at the same time daily eliminates this.
  • Emotional—if you are used to buffering feelings with food. Do not be afraid of feeling your feelings. Do the work. Write down your feelings and read it back to yourself like it is your child’s problem so you can really see it and break it down.
  • Bad Breath—brush your teeth and tongue. Fasting produces smelly ketones. Hydrate–a dry tongue breeds bacteria that bring odors. Fennel seed is a natural breath freshener. Chew it, spit it out and drink some water. Chew Protective Gum.
  • Headache Treatment—drink water and take a nap if possible. This won’t kill you, but it shouldn’t hurt you either.
  • Racing Heart Rate—indicates electrolyte depletion. Add salt to your beverages. Eat if you need to & try again next time.
  • Hunger Fear—you will not die by going 24-hours without food. These are very typical, very healthy fasts.
  • What to Expect Tomorrow—Plan to Take it Easy
  • You may feel more sluggish on day two. Plan to take it easy. If you are tired, rest.
  • Spike your herbal beverages with a little bit of salt, up to a teaspoon a day, to keep from diluting electrolytes.
  • Do not overconsume beverages such as Flower Water—it’s a diuretic & will cause you to lose a lot of fluid/electrolytes.
  • Symptoms of loss of electrolytes include racing heart rate, feeling very shaky or dizzy. This is a signal that you need to replenish. The fastest way to replenish is with salt in your drink or unsweetened coconut water. If you are not feeling well, and something feels wrong, listen to your body. You are the boss of it. If you need to eat, do it. Eat a piece of fruit.
  • Break your fast at the end of the day in order to keep your eating window short. If you end it early you will eat twice.
  • Drink a calorie-free protective beverage while preparing your feast. Imagine the protective wash your cells are getting.
  • Follow the recommendations in PD Class #295 48-Hour Fast: Day Two for gently breaking your fast with a veg-light meal.
  • Do not restrict. Eat until you are full and satisfied. There is no way you are going to overdo it if you eliminate chef’s treats and sit down to a fully plated meal. The freedom I receive with day fasting is fabulous! I can eat unabashedly once a day.
  • Do not drink with your meal. It will fill you up so much that you won’t be able to fit in your calories.
  • Expect to be tired and feel amazing after your feast due to the insulin release that comes with digestion of any type of food.
Day of Productivity Template
Morning Do any food handling activities in the morning long before you feel hungry. Workplace for Wellness Refresh: refill your spice jars, clean out your pantry, jar pickles, set up ferments. Slice some melon and get it chilling for your feast tomorrow.
Afternoon Work on your wellness away from food: make Natural Laundry Detergent. Make some Pit Paste. Give yourself a facial. Refill your Betterment Mouthwash and Breath Fresh Spray. Refresh your bedroom, wash your bed sheets, clean your closet, clean your bathrooms using All-Purpose Cleaning Spray. These chemical-free products free your liver from constant filtering responsibilities so it can do cellular clean up instead.
Evening Watch a non-food-focused PD-Ed class during your normal dinner time as an encouraging distraction from hunger signals. Falling asleep without dinner is unfamiliar. Do things to soothe & settle yourself—take a warm bath with Epsom salts. If you can’t sleep or you feel restless, drink something and try to sleep. If you still can’t sleep get up and get something done.

Cooking Tips

PD Sampler Neighbor Meal Delivery Idea:

Smashed Cucumber Salad with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Roastless Pot Roast with Drop and Bake Biscuits


Student Q&A

Q: What do you recommend for physical exercise during a 48-hour fast? (12:40)

Q: How long is your eating window after fasting for 24 hours? (26:10)

Q: Will there be any side effects after eating a large meal after 48-hours of fasting? (32:50 and 41:50)


  • This is not the last time we are going to do this. It doesn’t have to be today or no day. I will always be here to support you.
  • No matter where you are in your practice, I’m always here to support it and encourage you.
  • You are giving your gut a break, which allows healthy microbes to flourish, boosting metabolism, immunity and more.
  • If you are not feeling good and something feels wrong, listen to your body because you are the boss of your body.
  • You can eat all day long on a Protective Diet and you will be healthy, reduce cholesterol and elevated blood pressure, inflammatory diseases, and chronic pain will go away. But if you are struggling with feeling lethargic and always stuffed, if your food has no satisfaction, take food away for a while. It’s going to taste much better.

“Whatever you do, be proud of yourself.”

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    Class Description:

    This class is Part Two of a 3-part Fasting Support Series designed to sustain you at the 24-hour mark, with ideas for maximum productivity, activities for self-care through the dinner hour, strategies for common challenges, and expectations for the grand finale.

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