Apple Crumble Premium PD Recipe

This recipe was created to satisfy Jerry‘s love of apple pie without the work of a rolled or pressed crust. With both a bottom and top layer of a tender crumble crust, it has greater breakfast satiation than Protective Diet’s Fruit Crumble. It’s quick and easy to prepare in the early morning to use as an aromatic wake up call for sleepy teens and house guests.


  1. So good! I am not an apple pie person at all but fasting I absolutely love it. It is true fasting makes everything taste so much better. Have been eating warm with banana ice cream and yogurt. Yum it’s the spot!

  2. Really enjoyed this apple crumble…was super quick and easy to assemble, too. I have been doubling the crumble topping and storing the unused portion in the refrigerator making it even faster and easier to whip one of these up for breakfast, or dessert.

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