Better Than Bacon Premium PD Recipe

I’ve heard many say they are vegan, except for bacon. I just can’t seem to get my mind around watching people eat animal fat without fearing for their lives. Didn’t they get the memo? Bacon producers have confused the consumer into thinking bacon is healthy to eat if it is organic and nitrate-free. This is a huge distraction from the fact it increases the risk of premature death of humans. Adolescents are challenged with the beginning stages of heart disease and the loss of their parents prematurely due to the consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol. Despite this, bacon has risen in popularity amongst foodies, chefs and tops just about every dish at restaurants. Premature death from heart attacks happens once every forty seconds. I would like to intervene and reduce risk of death due to poor food choices with Protective Diet’s version of Better than Bacon. It has the smoked, apple, salty flavor without the risk of sudden death. Growing up I adored a very processed style of bacon called Sizzle Lean. I layered it with mayo, garden fresh tomatoes, leaf lettuce and warm toast. I’m thrilled to have created this simple and totally delicious recipe to satisfy my memories for comfort food favorites like bacon. Every week a Protective Diet becomes more sustainable with the addition of recipes to keep you on track while achieving and maintaining optimal health.


  1. This is my favorite vegan bacon!! We made BLT’s that were Awesome!! Then the next day for lunch I cut some of the bacon up & put it in my salad!! SO GOOD – next time I’m going to double the recipe!! YUM!!

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