Julie’s Beans Premium PD Recipe

This creamy Instant Pot bean recipe is packed with protective neutral spices, making it a perfect meal starter. The first thing in the morning my beans and spices are set on time-delay, allowing me hours to decide what to serve them with. Once a week, I assemble these always-satisfying beans, and throughout the day, Jerry and I get excited by thoughts of how we will enjoy them. He loves them with Cornbread Under Pressure and topped with Taco Sauce, Probiotic Pepper Sauce, or Escabeche. I love to layer beans on Mexican Pizza with Salsa Verde as the sauce. Loaded Nachos are always a favorite, topped with Plant-Based Yogurt in place of crema. Sometimes beans and brown rice and shredded lettuce with Salsa Roja complete the meal. Then I start thinking about the exciting Cilantro Lime Rice, and my beans turn into an unforgettable Taco Salad or a Pro Bowl full of fermented garnishes. I’ve filled Tamales and transformed leftover beans into the Fiesta Layer Dip. When I’m too lazy to cut tortillas for chips, I bake tostadas and garnish these creamy hot beans with Pico de Gallo and Probiotic Pickled Onions. Let us know in the comments below how you enjoy these easy-prep creamy beans.

  • Julie’s Beans Premium PD Recipe

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  1. These beans turn out so creamy and delicious. They are delicious by the spoonful alone, or over rice with all the toppings, in a burrito, etc. I will be making these often.