Jerry’s Organic Plant Based Yogurt Premium PD Recipe

Thick and creamy protective yogurt is the easiest and most rewarding ferment recipe. Start a batch before bed and you’ll feel like a plant-based super-star in the morning. When your friends look in your fridge and see perfect jars of homemade yogurt, they will think you are a health food guru. Do not wait another day to set up your first batch. You will soon wonder how you survived without a healthy stash of creamy protection featured in both savory and sweet Protective Diet recipes. We found it to be the best sour cream replacement to top our starches with and to cool off the kick of anti-aging capsaicin. Then there’s the PD Greek Yogurt that opened the door to unexpected recipe innovation. Since making our first batch in 2010, Jerry and I have been testing and tweaking to improve plant-based yogurt, making methods with new videos every year. This recipe guide is our sure-thing simplest method to produce the thickest additive-free low-fat plant-based yogurt ever made.

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  1. Love the new recipe…not stirring or shaking the jars. I just place a small teaspoon of previously made yogurt in the bottom of all four jars, pour soy milk in, and close the jars. Place in my IP with a couple inches of water to help maintain an even temp, and remove and refrigerate the next morning. Works every single time.

  2. If you use a spoonful of yogurt from a previous batch every time , over and over, do you still get the same good bacteria that you started with in the original starter? I think I read somewhere that the different bacteria grow at different rates and over time the ratio of the bacteria you have is different than the original starter. I would rather just use a spoonful, but was wondering about this!
    Thank you!

    1. If it contains additives it will not work. I tested all types of low-fat plant based milk and only had success with the purest additive-free plant based milk, unsweetened plain soy milk – contains only organic soybeans and water.

  3. Help? My yogurt didn’t setup. I’ve made it two times before in the Yogourme and twice before in the IP. PERFECT both times ( and totally yummy). Last night I used frozen starter for the first time and used the IP. And this morning my yogurt is still milk. Can I add fresh starter to the jars of the stuff that didn’t set up and put it back in the IP and try Again?

  4. How’s that saying go, “easy peasy lemon squeezy?” Not sure what I was so worried about before attempting yogurt. Maybe seeing the different ways some people’s yogurt turned out had me worried. I received a yogurt maker 2 years ago, bought the Bella Belle starter, but it sat around for another year. Followed the simple directions and the next day, nicely set up yogurt.

    I did notice however in Julie’s flour tortilla video how easily the yogurt poured out. My consistency was thicker and the yogurt when used would need to be spooned out. Regardless I have used this in drop biscuits and parfait already. Love it, couldn’t tell it’s non-dairy. Thanks Julie!

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