Oil-Free Dry Browned Zucchini & Onions Premium PD Recipe

Summer slims us down with this low-cal garden fresh veggie side that adds 50/50 veggie/starch balance to your protective plate. Set up your Instant Pot with Summer Spaghetti, Fat-Free Brown Rice Risotto, Mix & Mac, Cornbread Under Pressure, a Frittata, or Kids Spaghetti. Then master my calorie-cutting fat-eliminating cooking technique that adds layers of flavor to zucchini like a pro. With this innovative and easy-to-follow oil-free dry browning technique on a Protective Diet, you will eliminate inflammation and slim down fast. Transform flavorless zucchini into a favorite Seasoned Flatbread topping, or fill your Taco Melts. Toss Browned Zucchini & Onions with hot Kids Spaghetti, tomatoes, oregano, fresh basil, and garlic for a pasta dinner designed to shrink your waist size, boost your immune system, and improve your blood flow. Achieving your health goals with family-friendly meals is easy and sustainable if you cook oil-free and eat PD with me.

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