Quick-Mix Ketchup Premium PD Recipe

Potatoes are in the air fryer and we need sugar-free, additive-free ketchup ASAP! I created this quick prep condiment during the potato and onion harvest of 2023. The elimination of the blender step and hard-to-find, organic, additive-free tomato paste will save you time. After growing, digging, and scrubbing potatoes I wanted an easy-to-make and satisfying dinner. My cooking has evolved into a more straightforward style as I grow, harvest, and store protective ingredients on our plant-based homestead. But my experiences will benefit everyone—whether you are an active gardener like me, or an outdoorsman, a mom managing meals with a homeschool schedule, or a busy professional commuting home to your protective pantry looking for a simple and satisfying meal. This quick-mix ketchup recipe has inspired me to make Egg-less Omelet sandwiches, Cheeze Burger Mac & Cheeze, Onion Rings, and Zucchini Fritters on the regular. Kids love it and say it tastes just like ketchup!


  1. Success! I tried this twice with a different tomato paste powder and it didn’t work. It’s important to use the powder specified in the recipe.
    I had it together in three minutes today and it was delicious with my fries!

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