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This recipe contains a step-by-step guide to creating an Indian Buffet in the comfort of your home. Raita is a creamy, cooling Indian condiment that transports me back to the beginning of my spicy food training and cultural adventure on Devon Avenue in Chicago. The exotic color-rich aromatic spices in every dish drew me in, but my childlike heat tolerance inhibited my experience. I started spicy food exposure therapy using Raita as a main dish with a condiment-sized serving of spicy dahl or tikka masala. I enjoyed it scooped up with naan. I drenched the spicy potato-filled samosas with this mild, palate-soothing condiment. I layered it on crunchy lettuce wedges and ripe tomatoes as if it was a creamy Indian buttermilk ranch dressing or mild tzatziki sauce. After learning about the anti-aging oxidative stress protection of capsaicin found in spicy chiles, I developed my love and admiration for spicy food. This fire extinguishing recipe will help you and your family gradually introduce spice with a private member-only Indian buffet celebration. Buffets have closed down to observe public health regulations. I’m encouraging you to keep this fun part of food dining history alive by creating a health-focused Sunday Indian buffet in your Workplace for Wellness. The best part of your PD buffet is that every dish is vegan, oil- and sugar-free, and made custom for you with hand-selected high-quality ingredients to promote your immune system. Spice it up and cool it off with Protective Diet’s Raita!

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