Stovetop Red Lentil Chili Premium PD Recipe

This is my favorite fast protective recipe of the year so far. The outstanding flavor and texture have me tossing it together multiple days of the week. Stovetop Red Lentil Chili is simply spectacular served over hot brown rice. I ladled leftovers on cheezy Mix & Mac, and Jerry cheered “It’s my favorite! Let’s have this again tomorrow!” For plant diversity, I use fresh and fermented garnishes and have multiple starch suggestions. Try fresh Corn Tortillas for lentil chili tacos, make and layer it onto Loaded Nachos, or top a Mexican Pizza. For entrée salad night, the Chili Bowl Salad was created and featured in PD-Ed Lesson #266, Homemade Tortillas and Pro Tips for Perfect Chips. Our leftovers took Hot Diggity Dogs to the next level. Then I put together a family-style potato bar with all the toppings. Tonight we will be diving into Chili Cheeze Fries.


  1. This chili is Divine! I think it has become my favorite recipe for the moment. I was able to prepare , cook, and serve this lentil chili within the hour. The entire house smelled so good. I loved the texture of the lentils, creamy with a little bite. I loved it on top of a crisp salad and will try it on rice and pasta soon.

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