Seasoned Wholegrain Bread Crumbs Premium PD Recipe

Keep a jar of Seasoned Wholegrain Bread Crumbs in your fridge or freezer to add flavor, texture, and protection to your dishes in place of parmesan cheese. When your pasta, tossed salad, or casserole needs a little something extra, reach for the crumbs. Batter & Bake Veggies into an unforgettable dippable dinner with crunch and herbal protection. Use Seasoned Wholegrain Bread Crumbs to bind tender veggie meatballs together, or finish oil-free Perfect Pesto with crumbs in place of pine nuts to reduce inflammation, slim your waistline, and lower food costs. Spices and herbs not only enhance the flavor and aroma of Protective Diet recipes, but they can also protect you from acute and chronic diseases due to their high antioxidant activity. The antioxidants in culinary spices and herbs have significantly high biological activities. They are actively used in preclinical, clinical, and therapeutic trials investigating new treatments for diseases with spice-based drug development. With our focus on holistic disease reversal, prevention, and longevity, spices and herbs should be incorporated daily as functional anti-aging food ingredients. Follow along with Protective Diet recipes and leave the spice combinations up to me. Let us know how you are enjoying your protective crumbs in the comments below.


  1. Absolutely loved these Wholegrain Bread Crumbs! I used whole wheat sourdough bakery bread and the optional spices and the aroma is fantastic! I can’t wait to try these on top of so many things…pasta, breaded and baked tofu, veggies, mac n cheeze, funeral potatoes…yum!

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