Toasting Grains & Blending Flour Premium PD Recipe

This cooking technique adds a layer of nutty toasted flavor to oil-free and nut-free whole grain plant-based recipes. If you are familiar with the Protective Diet oil-free dry browning technique you know the rich flavor browning adds without the use of any fat. We can build flavor carmelizing, browning, broiling, or grilling vegetables and fruit in a recipe. I’m excited to teach you how to incorporate nutty flavor into protective whole grains and alternative flours to improve health food satisfaction for a diet you are happy to eat every day of your healthy life. Before you make your next warm Pro Bowl, pot of Kids’ Spaghetti, cold grain salad or Yogi Bowl, learn this flavor-enhancing gourmet cooking technique. It will leave your Workplace For Wellness smelling delicious and your friends and family wondering whether you started using butter again.


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