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    It’s the small things.
    ~Like being able to cross your legs without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.
    ~Or wearing a new pair of shoes that aren’t designed around your Planter’s Fasciitis that no longer exists.
    ~Going to a party and not feeling the need to eat everything in sight.
    ~Going to a party and realizing that you are not the biggest person in the room.
    ~Walking up and down the stairs with no knee pain and no clicking or grinding.
    ~Or sleeping like a log (a snoring log, but a log nonetheless).
    ~Being asked by your friends “What is in this? There’s no fat? Can I have the recipe? Will you make this for my birthday?”
    ~Sitting on an airplane and not touching the (large) person’s leg next to you.
    ~Telling your co-workers that all you did was change the food.
    ~Not using your acne cleanser and cream that you have been on for 10+ years.
    ~Going to the doctor and having him say he is proud of all that I have done to improve my life.
    ~No longer classified as “pre-diabetic”.
    ~Bowel movements (no need to explain that to my fellow PDers).
    ~Knowing that the food you are feeding your partner is keeping her cancer controlled and working on healing it.
    ~Waking up in the morning and realizing you already have lunch made in the frig – you just need to grab a few jars of stuff, some veggies, and some tortilla chips and you are done.
    ~Not weighing myself every day and being disappointed because the one pound that I lost last week has been replaced by two pounds this week.
    ~Knowing that my already 56lb loss will be followed by another 40-50 lbs does not stress me out. I know it will happen.
    ~There are many perks to this way of eating. It’s healthy, satisfying, delicious, and sustainable. It’s love.

    I still have one hurdle to conquer that I have been dealing with a lot lately. If any of you have dealt with Barrett’s Esophagus, I would love to hear your thoughts. I need to heal this – I am currently on meds and I do not want to be.

    In honor of Star Wars: “Do. Or do not. There is no try – Yoda

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    1. posted by Rescuemomma on December 23, 2016

      I have barrettss esophagus. I also had a very large hiatal hernia. in December last year(2015) I had a hernia repair and also a Nissan fundoplication. best thing ever for me. Very easy recovery. please feel free to contact me if you’d like

      • posted by angela sorrentino on December 24, 2016

        I’ve healed my Barrett’s! Being on PD 100% along with Aloe Vera after every meal for 2 weeks had completely healed the Barrett’s!

        • posted by Julie Marie on January 2, 2017

          Angela, Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your success and what you did to heal!

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