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I began my PD journey March 1, 2014. It all started because my FB friend posted a food picture from Julie’s website Since starting protective diet, I have lost a total of 62 lbs in a little over 9 months! I didn’t really have any health problems before starting my new plant based diet (that I know of) other than acid reflux, and I did have pretty bad carpel tunnel in my wrists that seems to have disappeared now!! I no longer have acid reflux and now I feel better than ever!!! I am no longer addicted to food or most of all addicted to chocolate!! I am so happy to have found this life style and I will never go back to eating a standard american diet(SAD) again!
Just a little story…… I had a yearly Doctor appt last week. Apparently at one time, (when I weighed 204 lbs!!)they snapped a photo of me sitting in the chair from their iPad they use. The nurse took me back to the room and said apparently you have been up to something because you look nothing like this picture. I said what picture? She showed me and OH MY WORD!! Wow! I really looked awful. I took up the whole square of a photo with my upper body and my hair looks really thin and unhealthy. I should have took a picture of that photo but I didn’t. Anyways she took a NEW picture and I had plenty of room in the photo around me. Everyone raved about my weight loss but had no desire to eat MY WAY. I hear it all the time. Haha she said my BP was a little low. After this appt I then went on my annual girl appt. my doc came in the room and said he thought she wrote my weight down wrong because it was down 75 lbs from my last visit!! I have now been PD for 20 months!! So grateful to have found everyone and everything this way of eating stands for!!


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