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Continuing My Protective Diet Journey on Protective Diet

By : | 1 Comment October 28, 2016 | Category :

    My 3 Month update in my On-going Protective Diet Journey has me down 30 pounds now!

    I am SO enjoying not being driven by the thought or craving of “Food”, but the Freedom of enjoying the opportunity to Nourish my body with every bite I take.

    This Month I noticed another “mind shift”. I have noticed that it is our mind that can try to betray us from time to time, with thoughts. I look at SO many people that are younger than me, dealing with serious health issues and I am convinced time and time again, that how I choose to eat with Protective Diet, is the Best thing that I can be doing for myself! I love the food that Julie makes available to us, and I love the freedom to not be ruled by food~ I am still learning the 50/50 plate, but even in this process I am not sabotaging myself or putting poisons into my body, I continue to learn, and enjoy a variety of new foods. I even had a comment just recently from someone that only sees me around town, and he said; “You look better every time I see you. Whatever you are doing, you need to keep on doing it.” And I Most Certainly Shall!

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    1. posted by tece on November 24, 2016

      Great progress! Ten pounds average a month… Yay!! What a nice compliment you received. And the fellow who said it was right!

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