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Jacquelyn B.

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    50/50 Challenge is over but I will continue. I am 20 lbs below the goal Weight Watchers set for me before I started Protective Diet. I have shed 68 lbs in 11 months. When I visualized being thin, I never saw myself going from size 22 to baggy size 8! Prior to this challenge my weight was stuck for a few months. I realized I was eating past full and not balancing my plates to be half starch and half vegetable. With Protective Diet, I traded 40 years of thinking starch is bad, limiting fruit and a list of limited vegetables for FREEDOM and delicious, satisfying food. THANK YOU Julie Marie Christensen and Jerry Christensen for all you have taught me. I apologize for lurking for five months and not believing the results I saw were possible for someone who is 60 plus. The day I joined PD-ED and committed was life-changing.

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    1. posted by Vibeke Vale on February 26, 2016

      Wow, right now I can only dream of weighing 145. I used to be 218 about ten years ago, but have held steady at 165-184 since then. Reading your testimonial is inspiring. For now I can imagine that those red painted toes are my own until I get there myself.

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