Instant Cheeze Sauce Premium PD Recipe

The world’s healthiest and silkiest oil free, nut free, plant-based cheeze recipe is here—AND it’s ready in only three minutes! Low-calorie pourable, or dippable, vegan cheeze sauce is a slim-down staple on a low fat, plant-based diet. This no cook, easy blend remake of the cheeze sauce I once thought was the Ultimate Cheeze Sauce makes broccoli disappear and cheeze fries a “fast food” you can feel good about. The smooth-as-silk texture makes this cheeze perfect for Queso Con Carne, Loaded Nachos, or dressing up broccoli for a baked potato. It is my passion to create recipes for the Protective Diet community that excite and make this lifestyle sustainable. Recipes that combine health promoting ingredients and innovative time saving techniques to produce creamy and silky sauces, dips, and dressings without incorporating typical WFPB high-fat ingredients. When I first adopted a vegan diet, nuts, avocado, flax seed, and oil worked their way into every meal I made. These high-fat ingredients inhibited my blood flow and increased my caloric consumption. My struggle with inflammatory disease and tight pants continued with over 100 more pounds to shed. However, after eliminating these weight loss inhibiting ingredients entirely I also eliminated food guilt and food restrictions. What I gained was freedom—no more limits on how much cheeze I could enjoy on my nachos, potatoes, pasta, sandwiches, and veggies. Managing consumption moderation of high fat, plant-based ingredients long term is not achievable or enjoyable for most of us, so I created satisfying substitutes that made my 150-pound weight loss a sustainable sure thing.


  1. I was prepared not to like this cheeze sauce as I have tried other potato based sauces and haven’t been thrilled with them. But boy was I surprised! This is outstanding! Rich and creamy! Simple ingredients and quick to blend up! I’ll be putting this cheeze sauce on everything!

  2. This recipe is AMAZING!! I have been enjoying big vegetable starters, like steamed broccoli and asparagus, in addition to my salad with incredible satisfaction because of this cheeze sauce. It’s so fast! So easy! So delicious! This is the real “Easy Cheeze.” Thank you so much for creating this and sharing it! WOWED!

  3. SO YUM!! This recipe came at the perfect time. I was getting a bit bored with UCS. This tastes so different, and brings a fresh take on PD Cheeze sauce! So super simple to make. Love it!

  4. This Is IT! The Cheeze Sauce Winner! Thanks Julie! The sauce is Fast to Make and Delicious to eat! Tastes like the cheese sauce to dip tortilla chips in at the movies! It is creamy and decadent! This goes up on my pantry door with my fast five! One of my kids said they “would eat anything with that sauce on it”. As the cook, that makes me happy! Yum! Yum! Dinner’s Ready!

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