Plant-Based Taco Bell Meat Premium PD Recipe

This recipe is a high-fiber, protective, whole food, plant-based remake of Taco Bell’s seasoned beef. A health promoting copycat of the heavily seasoned, finely ground mush meat filling used in their tacos, burritos, and Mexican pizza. The fast food original contains oats and additives that make the texture more goo than something to chew. The Bell’s burrito supreme was soft and saucy garnished with tangy sour cream, onion, olives, and lettuce. Soft or hard tacos contained two tablespoons of seasoned mush meat topped with a mound of shredded lettuce and choice of fire, medium, or mild Taco Sauce packets. We can remake the entire menu with Protective Diet recipes and have a “Taco Well” experience. Let’s celebrate by driving past “Taco Hell” and head home to enjoy a family-friendly “Taco Well” feast.


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