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This popular East Texas garden-fresh relish-style salad is traditionally enjoyed over fresh-picked, seasoned and simmered black-eyed peas with golden cornbread. My friend Sarah from Texas mentioned Slang Jang with excitement. I said “Slang what?” and now we are enjoying its fresh tang together on Tece’s Beans with Cornbread Under Pressure, Baked Tortilla Chips, Cheater Baked Potatoes, Plant-Based Etouffee, and Hoppin’ John. Sarah and I are having delicious fun, adding protection and excitement to all our plant-based meals. I had to give the Honey Grove, Texas original recipe from 1888 a functional foods 2019 Protective Diet makeover and share it with our PD community. I’m bringing century-old southern American food history into modern health foodie kitchens everywhere while maintaining the original look, texture, and flavor of a Texas classic everybody likes and nobody can get enough of.

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Comments (3)

  1. posted by Jodi Harvatin on October 3, 2019

    I love this stuff! I love it with rice, but I also love to eat it by the spoonful. I’ve eaten it on top of baked corn chips and with the Summertime BBQ Slow Cooker Beans. I’ve eaten it as a side dish, too. Love it on cornbread. It’s so versatile and it lasts a good week or 2 (I made a huge batch and ate it in 2 weeks. It may last longer because of the vinegar.) in the fridge and just gets better as it sits in there!

  2. posted by Marie Cayuela on September 11, 2019

    Really tasty! Can’t wait to try it on a baked potato!

  3. posted by Janice Price on September 4, 2019

    Love this condiment/dip/salad! I have made and served it twice already…first on top of hummus for a starter, and then as a topping on portobello mushroom ‘philly cheesesteak’ sandwiches. In addition to Julie’s suggestions in the recipe I think it would also be delicious mixed with beans as a cold salad, and mixed in ‘tuna’ salad, and so many more ways!

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