Slang Jang Premium PD Recipe

This popular East Texas garden-fresh relish-style salad is traditionally enjoyed over fresh-picked, seasoned and simmered black-eyed peas with golden cornbread. My friend Sarah from Texas mentioned Slang Jang with excitement. I said “Slang what?” and now we are enjoying its fresh tang together on Tece’s Beans with Cornbread Under Pressure, Baked Tortilla Chips, Cheater Baked Potatoes, Plant-Based Etouffee, and Hoppin’ John. Sarah and I are having delicious fun, adding protection and excitement to all our plant-based meals. I had to give the Honey Grove, Texas original recipe from 1888 a functional foods 2019 Protective Diet makeover and share it with our PD community. I’m bringing century-old southern American food history into modern health foodie kitchens everywhere while maintaining the original look, texture, and flavor of a Texas classic everybody likes and nobody can get enough of.

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  1. I love this stuff! I love it with rice, but I also love to eat it by the spoonful. I’ve eaten it on top of baked corn chips and with the Summertime BBQ Slow Cooker Beans. I’ve eaten it as a side dish, too. Love it on cornbread. It’s so versatile and it lasts a good week or 2 (I made a huge batch and ate it in 2 weeks. It may last longer because of the vinegar.) in the fridge and just gets better as it sits in there!

  2. Love this condiment/dip/salad! I have made and served it twice already…first on top of hummus for a starter, and then as a topping on portobello mushroom ‘philly cheesesteak’ sandwiches. In addition to Julie’s suggestions in the recipe I think it would also be delicious mixed with beans as a cold salad, and mixed in ‘tuna’ salad, and so many more ways!

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