Sweet Garlic Chili Sauce Premium PD Recipe

When sugar ruled my life, I dipped everything in this sweet and spicy sauce. I’m thrilled to be enjoying it again, free of the empty sugar calories and loaded with tangy flavor. Serve with Vietnamese Spring Rolls, steamed veggies with brown rice or use it as a dip for Oven Fries. Move over ketchup, Sweet Garlic Chili Sauce is back!


  1. I have found that erythritol makes me really sick to my stomach, even in small amounts. I would like to try this recipe – maybe with my liquid stevia? Think it would work? I assume there is a reason you used erythritol instead of stevia in the first place – was it to add bulk?

  2. Talk about a life changer! Even hubby ate this and loved it. I made the Vietnamese spring rolls and dipped them, yum! I dipped cooked broccoli, yum! I had some left and poured it on my un-fried rice, yum! This is out of the world good, tasty, spicy, fast, and easy!

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