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I have been wanting to write a testimonial for days – but like everything else – life gets in the way. Life. Yes! That is what I will write about. Life – this is why I follow a Protective Diet. I have written a few testimonials before and I talked mostly about the health benefits, which are many, but there is so much more. I am so enjoying having my life back – I was losing steam when following a SAD diet and now I am living following a PD! The weight loss has been amazing (80 lbs), this community has been amazing, and the health benefits have been amazing. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about my PD family. Even though I have only met a few members in person – I can tell you something about nearly every active person in the Protective Diet Living Community. The connection that I feel with many PDers is incredible to me. So here is to 2019 and many healthy years to follow! Remember – you only live one lifetime, let’s make it the healthiest ever and enjoy life along the way.

Here are some of the ailments I’ve recovered from thanks to the Protective Diet:

  • ✔ Barrett’s Esophagus gone
  • ✔ no longer Pre-diabetic
  • ✔ Planters Fasciitis gone.
  • ✔ Broken knee healed in record time
  • ✔ creaky Knee Pain gone.
  • ✔ Ankle pain gone.
  • ✔ Acne on face, chest, and back disappeared
  • ✔ Nail splitting stopped
  • ✔ Oily skin disappeared
  • ✔ up and down moods gone
  • ✔ depression gone.
  • ✔ foggy brain gone.
  • ✔ cravings gone


  1. Angela, I’m so impressed – you hardly look like the same person, but more importantly, I know by your strong participation in PD living that you have been walking the walk daily, since you post so many of your great PD dishes for all of us to drool over. I’m glad you’ve gotten your life back too, and are going strong You are inspiring.

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