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Three months ago I added Day Fasting and Feasting to my 3 year PD practice. I was so intrigued when Julie started telling us about it and all the possible benefits it could bring.
I began with skipping breakfast ( so approximately 16 hours of fasting, then eating lunch and dinner). Before the first week ended, I switched that up to 16:8. By the second week, I was fasting 20 hours and feasting for 4 hours, which rather quickly became approximately 22: 2.
I began to see changes in how my clothes fit very quickly. My tops are MUCH longer and I have to wear a belt or my jeans sag too much. A good thing…muffin top was a problem! (Time for new pants and bras soon!!) I weighed on the first day but I don’t weigh very often. I have lost about 17 pounds but the inches are really the amazing part! The scale does not show the truth. This fasting body recomposition is wonderful!
Some other non-scale victories include reduced inflammation, autophagy (skin tightening, etc), reduced grocery costs, reduced kitchen prep time, less time spent doing dishes, and ease of “out the door” before appointments, etc. (no need to eat a meal in a hurry or pack a snack or food).
I always used to perceive hunger pangs as an EMERGENCY, now I see it as a fleeting feeling or wave that passes. Food tastes so divine after fasting all day. I recommend giving fasting a try! You might be surprised at the results.


  1. Hello Tece,
    Thank you for posting this. I have been intrigued with day fasting. I love hearing about reduced inflammation. My Mom has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I wonder if carrot juice and pure water, then 1 meal would assist her.

    Thank you, Theresa

    1. Hello Theresa, I just now saw your comment. I am sorry about your mom’s diagnosis. Sorry to say I do not have knowledge of fasting and juicing combined. I HAVE read that fasting along with other cancer treatments is beneficial. Tece

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