Angela and the Onewheel


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Recently, at age 52, I fell off of a motorized skateboard. I know… I know… but I love to skateboard! Anyway… I broke my knee. LUCKILY the insurance fought me and denied the MRI twice so by the time I had it done it was 5 weeks later. During this time I ate PD, used a biofeedback machine called Ondamed, and saw my massage therapist and chiropractor regularly. These are the things I do on a normal basis because that is what is good for my body. At almost 6 weeks after my incident (I do not call it an accident because I purposely rode that skateboard ), I saw my orthopedic surgeon. He came in and said, “So, how’s the knee?” I said, “my knee is great, I kinda feel bad about having the MRI now”. He said, “Interesting because you broke your knee”. I was astonished. I said “really?” He then talked me through where the fracture is/was. He said he couldn’t believe how quickly I healed from this and what was I doing to do so. HA! I filled him in on a Protective Diet and the other things I had been doing. I truly believe that eating PD put me on the mend fast! I have noticed in the past few years that my hair and nails grow faster my wounds heal quicker. PD4Life!


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