Goodbye spider veins, cellulite & sun damage!

Autophagy (cellular recycling) is happening on the inside and outside of my body. Yesterday’s lounging post-workout pictures. My first day in the sun 2019 getting some vitamin D on my lunch break. My skin is as white as it gets after the cold months of winter. Winter white legs always meant my spider veins and one varicose vein would be showing deep purple-blue 😳 I was told surgery and laser was the only way to eliminate my veins, but it looks like my body is taking care of things naturally👍After almost a year of Day Fasting & PD Feasting my half a dollar sized spider veins on the back of my thigh are faded, even on my lightest skin in bright sunlight. My bulging varicose vein is smaller too 👏 seeing is believing! Anyone else experiencing the magic of day fasting and physical cellular clean up? My skin is smoother and tighter overall as well. No more leather chest! My brother called me “leather chest” from sunburns and sun damage before I knew about anthocyanin and internal sunscreen protection. By my late 20s, my chest looked like textured leather. Never imagined I’d wear short yoga shorts to workout in with the cellulite I had. It’s gone! I never imagined I’d wear a bralette at the gym due to back fat rolls and lack of support. Back fat is gone, and I don’t have much left to support👍Just enough😊💗
Things to look forward to if you are Day Fasting & PD Feasting along with me. 👏


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