Losing weight & gaining life!

Well, it’s official. Protective Diet works just like Julie Marie says it does. Mere days away from 3 months in and I’m down 30 lbs. During this time, I’ve eaten in, traveled and eaten out. And it still works!

No wretched cravings happen, and I’m fully satisfied with the taste of my food. it’s silly, but I’m impressed that I don’t have to eat the same things daily. There’s so much to choose from. Last night I paired steamed veggies/rice from the local Chinese place with my PD Japanese mayo & soy sauce. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.

I’ve spent more than a few days unintentionally fasting so I’ve decided I’m ready to give day fasting a go. While my lupus pains are mainly gone, I know I need to continue healing so they don’t return. That’s going to take time and space for my body to heal itself. I’ve always understood the potential for healing while fasting, so I might as well incorporate it now.

Thank you so much Julie!


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