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I am a see it to believe it kind of girl. Protective Diet has proven itself hands down. The most amazing thing is that my skin has started healing and I have not had a migraine since changing to PD. My skin from psoriasis kept me from many activities. I used to have to take tissues with me everywhere because I bled all the time. It not only was unsightly and people looked at me with horror. I could not sleep from pain. I suffered from hemiplegic migraines for a very long time. I had them 2-3 times a week. Severe paralysis from them having to use cane, walker and a wheelchair at one point. I have not had one in the entire month (miracle). My mouth has healed from lichen planus. The E.N.T doctor says I only have it about the size of a pea and I used to have it all over. I suffered blisters on the roof of mouth all the way down the throat that have completely healed as well. I had fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis and I suffered from chronic pain. Levels of pain varied but constant pain nonetheless. Since changing to PD I only have pain on the days the weather is changing and I am able to move my fingers and write now.


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