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In May of 2015 upon returning from a 3 week vacation, I found that my blood pressure (been high and on meds since I was 50) had reached 220/110 at my Dr’s office. I also had a cholesterol reading of 235. I was in crisis; a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen.

After several weeks of intense research; watching “Forks Over Knives”, reading “The China Study”, watching all the videos I could find by Dr Colin Campbell, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr McDougall and others, I reached my decision to try to help myself. All my doctors were offering was more and more meds with BP still not well controlled but with many side effects leaving me feeling really bad. It was at this point that I found Julie Marie on Youtube and saw that her diet seemed to be very similar to the Esselstyn and Campbell plans I was looking to try. I joined the Protective Diet around the first of July 2015 and never looked back. Having always been a all or nothing person I went 100 percent PD from the first. I’ll have to say that the first three or four months were a challenge but I just wanted to give the plan every chance to prove to myself whether or not it really would work.

At my annual physical in October 2015 my cholesterol reading had dropped from 235 to 145. My BP, however, was still a little high at 168/89 but I didn’t give up. I felt it was headed in he right direction. I was right. By January 2016 my Bp was running in the 140’s and at my last Dr’s visit on April 4th, BP was 128/76 and has not been above the 130’s to date which is 5/14/16.

I had my 77th birthday in January and I must say that this year I feel better than I did in my sixties. I truly believe that you are never too old to change your life with PD.


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