Deanna R.

I was really scared to go cold turkey with the no oil no sugar thing, but I had been “trying” for months with no success!! Reading many of your progress stories and Facebook posts gave me the courage to DO IT!! OMG, I am SO, SO glad that I did! The first few days were definitely tough. Thanks to this wonderful group I made it through. One of the most important things I learned quickly was to keep food that was ready to eat on hand! I felt like I was hungry all of the time at the beginning. I think that is the sugar issue and perhaps my brain not realizing my tummy had enough food, since there was no oil in there to confuse things. I listened to Julie’s advice and just concentrated on doing what it took to get through each day and any cravings that hit. That meant a LOT of potato wedges and baked apples for me! I am a real stress eater…the minute I feel it my first reaction is “what can I eat?”. I never restricted myself, other than to only eat Julie’s recipes. I ate 2nd helpings, I ate until I thought I would split open (LOL!), I ate when I was stressed, frustrated or starving. I really felt a LOT better after week 1 was done. Then I had to work with myself about keeping on top of the preparation. I don’t enjoy being in the kitchen at all, so this was a struggle for me. As the weeks went by, though, it was easier to do and I got a lot faster at it. I’ve noticed in the last week that I feel lighter and it seemed like my pants were a lot looser than they were on Day 1. I do not like to get on the scale, as I have had a very bad relationship with this device in the past 🙂 I did get on the scale today, after the 30 days, and have lost 4 lbs. I admit that I am a little disappointed in the number!! However, more importantly (to me) is that I was able to fit into my 1st pair of “goal pants”!! I don’t go to a doctor, so I don’t have any other numbers to share, but I have noticed some other great changes. I used to take an extra strength Zantac every morning, now I don’t need it. I have a lot more energy and I hardly ever have joint pain like before. I also am finding myself feeling really happy a lot, and I think this is because I am not having blood sugar surges and crashes. It has really been a wonderful 30 days and I look forward to writing my 60 day report!! – Deanna


  1. Good for you Deanna. I have just joined and need to clear out forbidden foods. I am impressed with your progress. I think your loss is exceptional considering you went through your first week sometimes eating past full. This post has inspired me.

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