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I have found the secret to health and weight loss! It’s Protective Diet! Today is December 23, 2018, and I’ve maintained my 75-pound loss for almost four years.
On February 10, 2015, I began following Protective Diet. I was new to the Whole Food Plant-Based world. I was coming from a SAD diet. I was unhealthy and out of control. I had been on almost every diet plan out there. I knew how to lose weight and had many, many times in my life. However, I was never successful at maintaining those losses. Always finding myself heavier than when I started and back on the diet rollercoaster. Following Protective Diet, I’ve shed the excess weight I’ve carried most of my life. Following PD, I’ve slimmed down without restrictions or cravings! I no longer take medication for high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I no longer rely on 800 ibuprofen for inflammation and pain relief. Within 8 months I dropped 75 pounds!
PD offers awesome education. There are weekly classes and weekly live coaching. PD offers updated and trending nutritional, scientific and motivational information for diet and lifestyle. Over 200 archived lessons are a click away. I’ve been able to learn and apply PD at a pace comfortable for me. Protective Diet Living is PD’s wonderful online Facebook support group, it’s a terrific positive likeminded community. With the fantastic, innovative PD recipes I never feel deprived. There are so many wonderful comfort foods and sweet treats. Using my stocked PD pantry great tasting food is just minutes away.
I’m thrilled to have found Protective Diet! I plan to live the PD lifestyle forever!


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