My PD Journey – April 2015 to January 2017


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Before PD I had tried MANY weight-loss programs fighting obesity all my adult life. A few times I even got the weight off for a few months; but I was never able to maintain long term.

By the time I started PD I had some health issues I was concerned about and the excess weight was contributing to and exacerbating the problems. My doctor was monitoring my blood pressure for hypertension. My triglycerides were high. I had issues with IBS and constipation. The biggest thing was the osteoarthritis. My husband and I live in a small two-story home and the stairs were getting to be a problem for me because of the arthritis and also Tendonitis and bursitis. I was literally hauling myself up the stairs an wondering if I would fall apart before I got there.

My SIL Heidi Dow suggested that I look at PD and it looked good to me. I had tried a vegan diet in the past but I was practically gagging on the broccoli. I bought the ingredients for the Mushroom Gravy and Not So Fatso Mashed Potatoes and my reaction was, “Wow! This is better than Ice Cream. I could live on this. Within a week I signed up as a Premium member because I needed the recipes and the support. I’ve been 100% PD since then. I am even more excited about PD today than I was when I committed to PD in April 2015. I lost about 10 pounds a month the first three month and then more slowly after that. Within two weeks I was feeling so much better. I was moving so much easier; my energy was up; my clothes were fitting better. When I began PD I was wearing a very tight size 16 and weighed about 190-190. Today I am 136 – a weight I haven’t seen since my 30s.

In August I learned that I had infection in my knee with the TKR (total knee replacement of 5 years prior) and the only way to get rid of the infection was surgery to remove all the hardware and replace with another temporary one that is medicated and a pic-line for 6 weeks of antibiotics administered twice daily. Prior to my surgery.i had to have a complete blood panel done. My doctor told me that my blood was perfect. My doctor assured me that my iron was not low but it was necessary to have an iron infusion to prepare for blood loss.

I stayed 100% PD during the time I was in the hospital and rehab (a total of about 5 weeks). I also had a loss of appetite during that period due to the meds I was taking plus the food left a lot to be desired. Still I would not eat the SAD food on the menus. The staff did their best to work with me and my PD family and friends brought me food. Things did improve as time progressed. I did lose about 15 pounds during that time. That weight has stayed off.
Today in January 2017, I am doing 21 Meals to Mastery with the 50/50 Plate and Mindful Eating. I had been resistant to this step until now; but it is an eye-opener to me. I didn’t think I would like it because I have always liked sitting in my favorite spot in the Living Room with my iPad and favorite tv programs and yummy PD foods; and I really did not like sitting at the table without distractions. I was okay with me weight as it is.

I am so glad I decided to do the 21 Meals to Mastery and I will continue doing additional 21 Meals to Mastery until it is second nature to me. Here is my experience with it thus far. My first day was a challenge but I followed through eating at the table every meal. The second day I had a couple of snacks, but I ate them at the table. Since then is has become easy. I do make a cup of Roma and take that in the Living Room whenever I like; and I still belong to the Clean Plate Club but I eyeball my plate and try not to put more on than I will feel comfortable with.

I have been so surprised to learn that I had been overloading my stomach. I had thought the tired and lethargic feeling I had was due to old age and recovering from surgery. Lo and behold – just a few days into 21 Meals to Mastery and I am experiencing a huge surge of energy. I have so many things I want to do now that there is not time in the day. Just a few days ago I wanted to do what HAD to be done and then go sit I my comfy spot with PD. Snacks. I think I’m starting a whole new phase with my health and well-being.

Did I mention that the stairs are no longer a problem for me. Only four months out from my knee surgery and I am going up and down the stairs like any normal healthy person – more like at age 40 rather than the 76 years I am.


  1. Rosa-Lee, I am new to PD, I was lurking in the shadows for well over a year before I finally decided to take the plunge, invest the membership fees in myself and see what would happen! Your before and after pictures are both very nice….but WOW on the after picture….you do look like a younger woman than your age and very stylish!! I want to look like YOU!! I will turn 73 in March 2017 and my mind is very young so I want a slim body to go along with it!! I have been plant based since 2003, and lost over 100 pounds, but always gained at least 25 – 40 pounds back after awhile. I always felt deprived with just salads or steamed veggies and smoothies!! I have only completed my first week, but with your success and stunning results, I know I can, once and for all, get to my healthy desired weight and stay there……thank you for sharing your story and 76 never looked so good!!! I wish you more success and a healthy and happy PD life!! Dorothy Lane

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