Rosa Lee


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When I started PD in April of this year, I thought I’d just begin to integrate it into our way of eating, just doing the best I could using the free recipes. Then as I did this, I found that I wanted some of the Premium Recipes. I decided to subscribe for the premium membership. After doing this and viewing some of the videos in the archives, I made a decision to do 100 % PD to give it a fair try and then decide if I would stay with it. I am overjoyed to say it is the best decision I have ever made for my health. I can honestly say that I feel better all the time. I’m sure people around me get tired of hearing about it. Lol. 100% PD has given me the freedom from food addictions. I am never hungry. I have zero temptations. I do not ever want too back to my old way of eating.


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