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I saw the movie “Forks Over Knives” in early January of 2013. I started studying the video and the written works of Doctors Esselstyn, Campbell, McDougall, Bernard, et al and knew that the WFPB was truly the best choice for healthy eating. I tried it briefly but was unable to stick to the plan. These gentlemen gave me the “WHY” of switching to plant-based eating, but did not give me the “HOW.”

I saw mention of the Protective Diet on a vegan Facebook page the first part of January 2015. As soon as I saw the site, I joined. The Protective Diet provided me with the information I needed to clean out and restock my pantry, how to shop for foods with no salt, sugar or additives and with delicious recipes, many of which have instructional videos. Protective Diet Education didn’t stop there. It provided me with the knowledge I needed to get through detox and to deal with the emotions that arose when I no longer had food to use as an emotional crutch. The Protective Diet Living Facebook page made me part of a community that provides daily support when I have questions or when I feel like going off-plan and gives me kudos when I reach a weight loss or health milestone.

Since January 6, 2015, I have lost 46 pounds and dropped from a size 1X-2X to a size L-XL. I dropped from taking two different blood pressure medications to taking 1/2 of one med. I had three inhalers and a nebulizer to control my asthma and I haven’t used any of them since I started PD. I no longer experience shortness of breath after walking only a few feet! I also suffered from GERD. I wasn’t on regular medication for it, but I ate more than my share of TUMS! I haven’t needed any TUMS since day one of eating WFPB.

This program has changed me not only physically, but it has changed my mental outlook as well. I am a happier and more positive person since I made the change. I love the Protective Diet lifestyle and plan to continue eating this way for life. Thank you, Julie and Jerry Christensen, for all you do!


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