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I weighed around 300 lbs for over 30 yrs. In that time, I tried every diet, from Adkins to Weight Watchers, with little success. 12 yrs ago I went vegan thinking that would be my answer. Sadly, I was still obese, tired, sick and depressed.

In ‘13 I received bad results from my blood test. I knew something had to be done. I searched the internet and found the Protective Diet ( I knew this was the answer to my prayers. I joined up and was encouraged by the many students to do it without hesitation. I began right at the beginning of the ’13 holiday season and never looked back. After the first 30 days of being 100% PD (whole foods plant based diet without sugar, added fats/oils, or preservatives) I was down 15.8 pounds. PD had done more for me in the first 30 days than anything in my life.

Now, after almost 6 mos on a PD, I no longer suffer from candida, GERD, UTI’s, painful joints, or a foggy mind. I have lost close to 60 lbs. I’m at my lowest weight in over 35 yrs. I owe my life to Julie and Jerry Christensen for their amazing support, knowledge, and recipes that keep me going. For me it is learning to love myself and know that I’m worth it. With the PD-Ed classes each week and the support of fellow PD followers in the support groups on Facebook every day is better than the day before.

I want to let others know that there is a way to be healthy and feel alive again. The PD way!

I actually gained weight when switching to a vegan diet after I delivered my kid. Fast forward 4 yrs and I was at my heaviest 135 lbs. I wasn’t obese, but was overweight for my height and I was totally addicted to sugar and eating out every day of the weekend starting Friday.

I worked out for 6 months, 6 days a week and I dropped maybe 5 lbs. I was exhausted and disappointed. I was already familiar with Protective Diet (PD) and the awesome results, so I tried it. It’s been 100 days and I’m down to 122 lbs. But most important, I have broken free of an addiction that I thought impossible! I don’t eat sugars or maple syrup, dates, or raisins. I don’t feel the need to stuff my face every weekend with a box of vegan cookies or vegan ice cream. I still workout since I enjoy it, but between day 33 and day 70 I stopped working out while traveling and I dropped 11 lbs!

I am full of energy to keep up with my 4 year-old boy and still workout. I feel free because my self-esteem is increasing daily, and my pre-pregnancy clothes are starting to fit again after 4 years! The support group is an amazing community of compassionate people. I love that Julie and Jerry are willing to answer any doubts or reach for help.

I think everyone should know they don’t have to feel ill, be overweight, depend on medicines, suffer with type 2 diabetes or chronic pain.


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