Organic Orange Essential Oil

The botanicals used to produce NOW Certified Organic Essential Oils are grown in soils that has been confirmed to be free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and herbicidal residues. Each one is guaranteed to be of the finest quality available, GC/FTIR verified and certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Plants and botanicals grown for the purpose of producing an organic essential oil are grown in soil that’s free of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers and contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Oils from organically grown plants and botanicals are teeming with beneficial compounds due to their high purity. Extra care is taken during the distillation process, and organic distillation requires a high level of sanitation and documentation. Once the oil is extracted, the used plants are returned to the field as compost for further fertilization, contributing to the health of the soil and new plants. Buying organic products supports the organic industry and encourages the use of responsible farming techniques that protect our health and the health of our planet. If you’re into organic aromatherapy then our essential oils’ organic versions are just what you’re looking for!

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