Squeeze Bottle

Our 16 oz. plastic condiment bottles are BPA FREE and made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) recycle code 2 plastic and are natural translucent in color.

HDPE plastic is known for its durability and strength. While not as clear as other plastics these bottles are translucent and you are able to see your product inside the bottle. These HDPE bottles are able to withstand colder and freezing temperatures very well (-100° F) and higher temperatures moderately well (near 190° F).

The bottle measures 7.5 inches in height with a diameter of 2.46 inches. The opening of the bottle measures 1 3/16 inch making it easy to fill.

The dispensing spout already has a precut hole in the tip, but you can easliy cut the tip to increase the hole size to accommodate thicker liquids and prevent clumping if your liquids have larger solid particles such as minced onion or garlic.

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