Why No Oil?

All oils consist of saturated fat. For example, let’s break down America’s touted health food — olive oil. It is advertised as heart healthy, but is it really? Each tablespoon of olive oil consists of 120 fat calories, zero vitamins, and contains 13% saturated fat. It has no benefit to the human body. It has less saturated fat than butter, so it is considered a healthier choice. The oil has negative effects on the body. Saturated fat increases blood cholesterol levels, promotes excess body fat, and breaks down endothelial cells. Most people are not aware that saturated fat is found in all oils. The industries promoting these products have done a fantastic job of convincing us we need these empty fat calories to survive.

We do need fats to process the nutrients found in our food. These fats are present in perfect amounts every time we consume whole, plant-based foods. For example, corn, in its whole form, ground into cornmeal or corn flour has fat, fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamin A, and iron. It has the perfect amount of fat needed by our body to absorb all the nutrients in the corn. All whole foods are designed this way. From brown rice to beans, they are complete with every nutrient we need. When corn is processed into corn oil, all of the fat is extracted from the kernel and the beneficial fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins are left behind. We are now consuming an isolated nutrient that is 100% pure fat. When we add isolated nutrients like fat to our automatically perfectly balanced whole food, plant-based diet, it causes an imbalance. This imbalance is an increase in fats and saturated fat that is not found in a natural diet ideal for humans or any animal.

Additionally, oils create an acidic environment in the body. Our bodies are designed to be alkaline, and adding extracted foods or nutrients causes an imbalance. Lucky for us, our bodies are highly complex and amazing. Our system will automatically correct this imbalance for the majority of our lifetime; however, this constant correction is very taxing on the body. This in turn causes side effects such as inflammation and disease and weight gain due to the consumption of empty fat calories. The number one killer of humans is heart disease, and it is due to the consumption of saturated fats and the breakdown of our endothelium.

We have all been trained to cook with oils. That’s how our mothers did it and so did we. I will teach you how to eliminate the oils from your diet without losing any flavor. All you will lose is excess body fat and risk of disease. Watch this technique video to learn my Dry Browning Technique that cuts all the fat and includes all the flavor of golden browned onions.

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  1. Will this lifestyle help reverse diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis.
    I have released over 200 pounds on my own i have about 50 left i think.i don’t know I’m not weighing.

    I rarely used much oil except dressings.but I love the sour cream dream.i play with seasonings and use it for dips sauces dressings
    The nuts is a little harder.but it’s worth a shot if I could use my left arm again without pain.i can’t even put a necklace on or put my hair in a pony tail so I’m looking forward to seeing how this lifestyle works.

    I’m meat free except fish and seafood. But thsts rare that I have it.

    Anyway just wondered about my ra and UC ra especially.

    Thanks for a great site.

  2. Technically, oils are not devoid of ALL nutrients. Vitamin E is a vitamin commonly found in oils. However, I agree that oils should be severely reduced or eliminated in the diet if possible. They are unnecessary and don’t contribute any nutrition that couldn’t be obtained from a whole food.

  3. Thank you so much. I have been a vegan for awhile just not the type that Dr. Esselstyn with the no oil, nuts just a little if no heart trouble, no coconut and other things. This is the first video that I saw with you with browning onions with no oil. Then I came to your site and I am in love. When I get a job I will be paying monthly for the premium to get everything.
    I am 59 years old and have been following a vegan diet going on 3 years which makes this so much easier to start. However have wanted to do the things that Dr. Esselstyn implemented. This week I have started and about 90 percent. Next week I will be 100 percent.
    I know people worry about gaining weight however my worry is losing so I know I got to eat enough veggies to stop that. Thanks again for all your great recipes. I am going to do the potatoes on parchment paper…Yummy. I am really fortune that my hubby supports me and basically eat what I eat.

    1. Wonderful Betty! Happy New Year!
      I wish you all the best on your job search and join us in class when you can. I share many tips to help you save time and money to make this lifestyle sustainable. To keep the weight on just keep snacking and start with a big breakfast! Make the baked tortilla chips recipe and Frosty’s after dinner. There’s many snacks to choose from. Enjoy larger portions of starches, such as pasta dishes, potatoes and rice. I’m happy to hear you have a supportive husband.

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