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Class #125 – Kitchen Tools – Beginner Essentials

Julie Marie March 16, 2016
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Protective Diet Class #125 Notes:

Kitchen Tools—Beginner Essentials

This class introduces the kitchen tools considered essential for operating a Protective Diet plant-based kitchen. Also included are suggestions for sourcing and techniques for using these basic tools in Protective Diet recipes. These are the tools you will use on a daily basis, so give them the most convenient locations in your PD kitchen.



RefurbishedClean As You GoStainless SteelAluminum
Prep AreaFood Cost SavingsSiliconeCeramic

Action Steps for Gathering Your PD Kitchen Essentials

  • Evaluate Your Kitchen Tools
  • Use what you already have if it will work.
  • Use Your PD Food Cost Savings to Acquire Essential Tools You Still Need
  • Shop 2nd hand stores, the dollar store, TJMaxx/Homegoods, and the PD Shop for the best deals.
  • Give These Tools the Handiest, Quick-Grab Spots in Your PD Kitchen for Convenient Daily Use.
MOST Essential
High-Speed Blender– Refurbished BlendTec or Vitamix—This investment will be worth it. – Your food cost savings over 2-3 months should be more than double what you will spend on this blender. – Ninja/classic blender cannot blend the sauces, dips and dressings that make plant foods awesome. – Get the 4-sided jar—PD recipes are formulated to blend in this jar. – Layer ingredients with liquid on bottom, then lightest to heaviest. Blend 1 min. on high. – Rinse blender pitcher right away. Do not leave it soaking in the sink. Damages the gasket. Clean as you go.
Sharp Knives– Do not wash in the dishwasher—high heat dulls the blade. – Cuisinart Set—affordable; most often used are the Serrated knife, Paring knife, & Chef’s knife. – Classic Chef’s Knife—expensive; lifetime investment; heavier and a pleasure to chop vegetables with. – Magnetic Knife Strip for convenient knife storage in prep area.
Cutting BoardsFlexible Cutting Boards—big enough to chop a big bunch of herbs; small enough to fit in the sink. – Gel Cutting Board—stiff and sturdy. Size it right for easy cleaning. It should fit in the sink and dishwasher. – Store them in your prep area, near the sink; use on top of a kitchen towel to prevent dull blade. – Glass cutting boards are actually counter protectors. Get rid of them. They dull your knife blade.
Garlic PressZyliss Suzi 2 makes pressing garlic clean and effortless. – Keep fresh cloves with skins on in freezer and press directly into whatever you are making.
Prep Area Essentials
Wire Whisk– Silicone alone is not stiff enough to make Firm Notzzarella Cheeze.
Vegetable Brush– Separate brush from the dishwashing brush for scrubbing potatoes and other vegetables.
Microplane Grater– Used for grating fresh ginger (keep frozen), turmeric, lemon and lime zest; do not wash in dishwasher.
Citrus Reamer/Juicer– many PD recipes use 2-4T. fresh lemon juice.
Measuring Spoons– Store near your prep area for efficient cooking. Keep 2 sets: one for wet & one for dry ingredients.
Measuring Cups– Buy multiple sets (look at second hand stores) so the need to wash doesn’t slow you down.
Mixing Bowls– 2 sizes, one for dry and one for wet ingredients & for washing herbs/lettuce, tossing salads with dressing.
Water Spray Bottle– For adhering salt or other herbs; empty every time including from the tube; (look at dollar store).
Bakeware Essentials
Silicone Baking Mats– Buy an assortment. Wash & hang to dry. Replace when it loses its non-stick quality.
Parchment Paper– Do not buy dollar store parchment paper. It is not non-stick.
Rimmed Baking Sheets– Need 2 sizes: 4 full sheets & 2 half sheets
Square Baking Pan– For Brownies, Cherry Cheeze Danish, Apple Fritter Cake, and more.
Loaf Pan– For Whole Wheat Loaf Bread, Banana Health Bread, Not Yo Mama’s Meatloaf, and more.
Ceramic Muffin Pan– For Gluten Free Apple Oat Muffins, Blueberry Muffins, Focaccia Muffins, Cinnamon Rolls and more.
Muffin LinersParchment paper liners are essential for non-stick quality.
Glass Pie Plate– For Chocolate Cream Pie, Fruit Crumble, Fiesta Layer Dip, Eggless Omelet and more.
Hot Mitts– One for each hand. Never use when wet. The water will conduct heat and burn you.
Stove Top Essentials
Cuisinart Casserole Pan– Oven transferrable. 5qts. For Bolognese, Asian Style Kale, Baked Mac & Cheeze and more.
All-Purpose Pot & Lid– 4qt. for pasta, rice, quinoa, and more.
Mesh Strainer– To rinse beans and lentils & strain pasta.
Steamer Basket– Can be used in the pressure cooker or on stovetop for steaming vegetables.

Cooking Tips

  • Season popcorn in layers. Do not shake the bowl. Eat the seasoned layer, then season the next layer. Perfect after-school snack.
  • Parchment paper is our secret to browning crispy fries. Julie demonstrates making parchment fit the pan perfectly.
  • Crumple parchment paper to make it pliable and easy to stay in place in pie plates, brownie pans or loaf pans.

Student Q&A

Q: Does your blender pitcher get stained?

Q: Do you peel fresh ginger before grating it?

Q: How do you season your popcorn?

Q: Is there a difference in taste between white popcorn and multi-colored popcorn?

Q: Are aluminum baking pans okay?

Q: Do you prefer baking fries on silicone mats or parchment paper?

Q: Do you prefer ceramic over silicone pans?


  • Make your food satisfying. That’s what makes this sustainable.
  • Efficiency is KEY. We don’t want to spend our life in the kitchen. We want to use our new, healthy energy to have fun.
  • Make notes of your family’s favorite recipes and keep them in the regular rotation.
  • Include your family in the cooking process. Show them the recipe images on the website and let them pick what to make.
  • Once in a while we add a new tool, but I always make sure you can use one of these basic tools instead although it may take longer or be a little more work, but I will direct you exactly through it to be able to make the recipe.

These are the tools necessary when you are just getting started. It would be hard to produce great recipes without these essential kitchen tools.

Recommended Recipes

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PhoFiesta Layer DipPlant-Based EtouffeeSteak House Croutons
Vegetable BrothPopcornBolognese SauceRoastless Pot Roast
Hot & Spicy Get Well SoupCheater Baked PotatoesAsian Style KaleBreakfast Brownies
Banana Health BreadApple Oat MuffinsBaked Mac & CheezeBroccoli & Cheeze Sauce

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    Class Description:

    This class introduces the kitchen tools considered essential for operating a Protective Diet plant-based kitchen. Also included are suggestions for sourcing and techniques for using these basic tools in Protective Diet recipes. These are the tools you will use on a daily basis, so give them the most convenient locations in your PD kitchen.

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