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Class #312 – Calling All Health Geeks & Health Enthusiasts

Julie Marie June 28, 2022

Protective Diet Class #312 – Calling All Health Geeks & Health Enthusiasts

This class reignites excitement for optimal health. Excitement leads to action. The action feels good. Feeling good creates motivation. Get up. Get excited for a travel slim down. Let’s get you in the groove so this is your “normal” and maintenance is an afterthought.



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Action Steps for Lifelong, Sustainable Results

  Be Excited   If you’re not excited about it, you’re not going to do it.   If your mindset is one of sacrifice, you are not going to do this long term.   We must be excited about anything we want to follow through with.   You’ll know you’re ready when you feel excited.  Be excited about being health-focused. Be excited about what you’re going to eat for dinner, what you’re going to eat for breakfast, and what you’re going to do in your Workplace for Wellness. Try a new recipe. Try a new ingredient. Treat yourself to a new kitchen gadget, like a spiralizer. These are things that make it exciting. The weekly recipes keep things new, fresh and exciting. Make your salad creative and interesting. Try a different variety of lettuce, cucumber, or tomato. Make it chopped one day, tear it the next, slice it into wedges, or use a spiralizer after that. Try a new dressing or crunchy topping. Make it exciting so you don’t get bored. Make your food exciting. We live in a world of food. Most of us who struggle with diet-related challenges love indulgent food. Dialing it back to bland foods isn’t going to be sustainable. Kitchen crafts—If you are getting bored, get into fermenting. There is a whole series on fermentation to reignite your excitement. If your food tastes bland, and you want it to wow, fermented foods are where it’s at. Make your Workplace for Wellness a place you want to be. Organize your spice cabinet. Experiment with arranging your space for efficiency. Make it inviting. Make it flow for you.  
Excitement Inspires Action  →  Action Feels Good  →  Feeling Good Creates Motivation  
  Stay Focused   Being 100% all-in gets you to fast-forward results.   A modified program will give you a modified result.    Make this a priority. Use time wisely. We make time for things that are important to us whether it’s church on Sunday, exercise, or our children. Make time to feed yourself properly. Treat yourself with the best ingredients and the utmost respect. Set your goal and define your “why”. Is it disease prevention? Weight loss? Elevated cholesterol? Elevated Blood Pressure? The risk of sudden death is not something to gamble with. In the beginning, it feels horrible because your body is detoxing, but once you get through that detox, you never have to experience that feeling again. Stick to it 100%. Your microbiome will repopulate quickly with beneficial microbes that produce the feel-good neurotransmitters of a health enthusiast. You will love your food guaranteed. When life gets stressful, maintain the consistency of your practice. Keep the junk out. Keep it simple: grapes, popcorn, Yogi Bowls. Make every bite count 100% to your advantage.  
Surround Yourself with Success Stories   Connect closely with people who have achieved what you want to experience. If you want to stay where you are, stick around people who are where you are in the process.  Find a community of health geeks. Our community is here for you twice a week live and 24/7 on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or out with friends that encourage and inspire you, not people who make up excuses and tell you it’s ok to fail. They feel better about their bad choices when you make them, too.Be around superstars. Those are the people you want to spend your little bit of free time with. People that are so excited, so satisfied, and so happy with optimal health.Check out Kristi Jean’s testimonial and celebrate her transformation from house hermit to healed neighborhood socialite. She is the kind of friend you want to hang out with.

Summer Travel Tips

  • Taking a vacation from your Workplace for Wellness does not have to mean taking a break from optimal health.
  • It’s easy to follow through on your vacation and come back feeling glorious.
  • If you have a little bit of weight left to lose, you will shed it. You will be too busy exploring and experiencing to eat much.
  • Pre-slice bread and pre-wash fruit before you go. Pack your popcorn popper and your Instant Pot. Watch travel classes.
  • Travel Food Containers—repurpose plastic clamshell containers from store-bought produce. They are perfect for transporting fruit. Repurpose plastic vinegar jugs. Fill them with water for washing up when camping or traveling.
Road Trip SnacksPack Your Cooler Menu IdeaStay Hydrated While Out and About
Grapes are the best! French Onion Dip or HummusSliced bell peppers or carrotsRomaine lettuce leavesAir Popped PopcornSeveral refillable bottles of water1 loaf Onion Breadmaker Bread1 bottle Pineapple Jalapeno Hot Sauce2 jars of Garden Party Pasta Salad tossed with Zesty Italian Dressing1 loaf Banana Bread Under PressureFruit: grapes, peaches, kiwis, bananas Sugar-Free Kettle Corn for a treat around the campfire.An iced beverage in an insulated cup with a glass strawPellegrino in a glass bottle can replace soda on the go Repurpose tamari bottles into sturdy drinking vesselsCheck out the beverage category and treat yourself to something delicious.

Cooking Tips

  • Papaya is a summer fruit that is heavily studied for its anti-cancer properties. Cut it in half. Scoop out seeds—they can be composted or dried and used like pepper. Slice each half into several lengths. Peel. Cube and chill in a covered container.
  • Watermelon and pineapple are still in season. Peel, slice and chill them in the fridge.
  • Wash chopped or torn Romaine lettuce in the morning. Spin it dry in a salad spinner, put the lid on and refrigerate to crisp.
  • Julie’s exciting salad for today is made of diced red and orange bell pepper, diced green onion, chives, crispy romaine lettuce, spiralized apple, spiralized cucumber, carrot curls, thin-sliced celery, alfalfa sprouts, air-fried chickpeas, tossed with Healthy Valley Ranch Dressing and Quick Mix Barbeque Sauce.
  • Healthy Summer Welcome Gift Ideas:

– Watermelon, skinny sliced in a repurposed salad container

Banana Bread under Pressure with Appeal, sliced (Let it cool completely before slicing. It will firm up. Reserve the center slice

  for yourself & push the rest together to close the gap. They’ll never know.)


  • Anyone who is in this classroom is a health enthusiast. I know you have goals because you are hanging out with Protective Diet Education. For whatever reason, life/stress/other people’s business is getting in the way of your goals.
  • You wouldn’t be hanging out with me if you weren’t interested in having it all—optimal health and freedom from worry.

Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. I am here to support you.

I’m here to make it easier. I’m also here to make it EXCITING.

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    Class Description:

    This class reignites excitement for optimal health. Excitement leads to action. The action feels good. Feeling good creates motivation. Get up. Get excited for a travel slim down. Let’s get you in the groove so this is your “normal” and maintenance is an afterthought.

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