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Class #292 | Travel – Manifest – Peach Buckle

Julie Marie August 17, 2021

Protective Diet Class #292 Notes:

Travel—Manifest—Peach Buckle

This class shows a real life example of summer travel on a Protective Diet, while manifesting the things you want in life, all rolled into one. Peach Buckle and Cooper Christensen join the family as a result of channeling desires, letting go, and allowing them to happen.



Plant Based HomesteadManifestingShort-Chained Fatty Acids (SCFAs)Gut Microbiome

Action Steps for Sweet Summer Travel and Smooth Manifesting

  • Simplify Summer Travel
  • Keep travel meals simple. Stop stressing for days in advance over what you are going to eat on your trip.
  • Make Black Bean and Corn Summer Salad and pack a few items from your PD pantry and refrigerator door.
  • Bring an extra meal just in case unexpected delights delay you an extra day.
  • DON’T EVER forget your PD Broth Mix. All you need is rice or pasta and some PD Broth Mix and you’ve got a meal.
  • Don’t throw in the towel and say, “Well, I’m going out to eat. I hope there is not oil in it.” Go to the party and eat when you get home. We can manage waiting–we are not going through withdrawals from caffeine and sugar and food additives.
  • Food Emergency Options:

– Summer fruit is a meal-ready-to-go. You don’t even have to cut it up—grapes, peaches, cherries, etc.

– Winter fruit is perfectly packaged in serving sizes–apples, oranges and bananas.

– Starch emergency with no way to cook = rice cakes.

  • Traveling is not about food and meal prep. Get out of the kitchen and have fun visiting and adventuring.
PD Simple Summer Travel Meal Plan (2-night stay)
Travel Day Dinner Pasta Pro Bowl   Shredded Iceberg Lettuce Mix n Mac Black Bean & Corn Summer Salad ∞ Cucumbers w/Sweet Mustard Dressing Fruit from home Perfect Steel Cut Oats  Adventure Day Dinner Rice Pro Bowl   Shredded Iceberg Lettuce Broth Mix Rice Black Bean & Corn Summer Salad ∞ Cucumbers w/Sweet Mustard Dressing Fruit from home Perfect Steel Cut Oats  Extra Dinner Pasta Toss   Arugula Pressure Cooked Pasta Sweet Mustard Dressing ∞   Local Fresh Seasonal Fruit Perfect Steel Cut Oats  
EquipmentPantry ItemsFresh Items
1 small pot w/lid for OatsTea bags instead of loose teaTo PackTo Buy
1 small pot for heating waterMix n Mac mixBB & Corn Summer Salad2 heads Iceberg LettuceCucumbersRuby Raw KrautSweet Mustard DressingPlant-Based YogurtProbiotic Pepper SauceFruit from home– Grapes – Watermelon – Cherries – Arugula
Salt ShakerBox of Soymilk
2 unbreakable Mixing Bowls2lbs of Pasta
4 cup Measuring Cup3 cups Brown Rice
Instant Pot and LidBroth Mix
Large Mixing SpoonSteel Cut Oats
Berkey Water FilterRice Cakes
Water in Refillable Water BottlesDog Food
  • Manifest Smoothly
Write it DownIt needs to be something believable to you. Make a detailed description–about your health, a relationship, a new home, adopting a pet, anything you want to create. You can manifest people into your life–Pray for a community that will engage with you and feel like family.
Expect it to HappenSee yourself achieving your goals. Believe in what is to come. Trust that everything is working out for you, even if you don’t know exactly when and how. Let go and allow it to happen. Turn your attention to other things. Trust that you are being guided toward it.  Take inspired action—for example, Julie signed up for a dog rescue group. Welcome unexpected events—they are part of a plan that is bigger/better than yours.
Say it Out LoudAsk for what you want. Pray for it. Talk about it in detail. “The perfect house is out there for us.” Share in PDL so we can support you. Make your language match your expectation.
  • Your #1 Responsibility = YOU
  • How you feed and manage yourself directs your daily choices.
  • No matter what life serves me, my #1 responsibility is to take care of myself. Staying on plan is protecting me from disease, obesity, sudden death, not feeling good and not having the energy to get around.
  • I am always the boss of my body. If I’m a bad boss–I’m sluggish, crabby, sick, a burden to my family, and possibly dead.
  • Make myself a priority and be a good boss–traveling will be fun and easy. Getting dressed will be fun and easy. Doing daily tasks will be fun and easy. Work and play is a pleasure. Life is easier when we are healthy and caring for ourselves.
  • Caring for others is easier when you are in good health.

Cooking Tips

  • Freeze peaches at their peak of ripeness for use later in Yogi Bowls and Peach Buckle. Slice, pit, freeze on a parchment-lined sheet pan, then transfer to a plastic freezer bag. Once it’s empty, keep the bag folded in the freezer for future re-use.
  • Save the stems. Include the stems of kale and other greens. Along with all whole plant parts, kale stems provide insoluble fiber that feeds healthy gut microbes, which ferment and digest it—the more fibrous the plant part, the more excited the microbes are to eat it. The by-product from this process is short-chained fatty acids (SCFAs), which are naturally anti-inflammatory.
  • Wash and dry fresh lettuce in a salad spinner. Wrap it in a towel in a plastic bag or an herb box to preserve the crunch.
  • Pick a garden fresh melon and let it sit for three days before cutting into it. This develops the sugar = “sugaring the melon”.
  • No need to cut the ends off fresh green beans. Pressure cook on “steam” for 0 min. Use the stem as a handle as you eat them.


Dry Steamed Kale, Finger Salad w/Dip, Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread and a combo of protection from your fridge

– Start your meal prep with a batch of Dry Steamed Kale in the Instant Pot

– Finger Salad: okra, carrots, bell peppers, and cucumber with Grilled Green Onion Dip (jalapeno optional)

– Sandwich: Whole Wheat Bread, Mango Chutney or Grilled Green Onion Dip, Grilled Zucchini Steak, Tomato Slices

     Probiotic Pickled Onions, Red Leaf Lettuce, Fresh Herbs, Ruby Raw Kraut, Pickled Pepper Rings, Mustard, Probiotic Pepper Sauce

– Sides: Dry Steamed Kale, Roasted Grapes and Grilled Peaches with a drizzle of Jerry’s Organic Plant Based Yogurt

– Dessert: Cut a garden fresh cantaloupe in half, scoop out the seeds and build a Yogi Bowl right in the center of it.


  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. You don’t have to eat kale. Kale is not what got me to my goal. I desire to eat it now because my gut microbes want it. You don’t’ have to try to like kale. It just happens naturally as you move toward a healthy inside.

Use manifesting as a tool to get on board, put yourself first, show yourself the utmost respect, and see yourself at goal.

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    Class Description:

    This class shows a real life example of summer travel on a Protective Diet, while manifesting the things you want in life, all rolled into
    one. Peach Buckle and Cooper Christensen join the family as a result of channeling desires, letting go, and allowing them to happen.

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